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DURACELL DL 2025 B2 Alkaline 2 pcs (10/carton)

DURACELL DL 2025 B2 Alkaline 2 pcs (10/carton)
940 Ft
Unit price: 470 Ft/db
10 db/carton. Duracell has been a trusted brand for the consumers for a long time, who know it as an innovative, quality manufacturer. It offers a wide selection for your watches and electronic devices in order to meet your emerging needs, its lithium batteries provide high energy, continuous voltage supply with long storage time. Electrochemical system: Lithium. Nominal voltage: 3V. Capacity: 150 mAh. Not rechargeable. Diameter: 20 mm. Height: 2.5 mm. Wight: 2.2 g. Other size designation: CR2025, DL2025, 2025
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