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PATTEX Click&Fix One for All 30 g (6 / carton)

PATTEX Click&Fix One for All 30 g (6 / carton)
2 925 Ft
Unit price: 97 494 Ft/kg
The Pattex One for All Click & Fix is designed for those who would like to fix things in their home by themselves and want a fast, clean and safe result. Just a Click & Fix!
Extremely easy to use, widely applicable, high initial adhesion, can stick to wet surfaces, as well, UV-resistant, exceptional final adhesion. It does not shrink, can be painted over, solvent-free. Can be used on wood, brick, ceramics, tiles, metal, plastic*. Glass, mirror. *Unsuitable for polyethylene (PE), poypropylene (PP), Teflon (PTFE), Plexiglas (PMMA, acrylic glass), soft PVC surfaces.
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