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ENERGIZER Power B2 AAA Batteries E92 2 pcs (12/carton)

ENERGIZER Power B2 AAA Batteries E92 2 pcs (12/carton)
851 Ft
Unit price: 425 Ft/db
12 pcs/carton. Long-lasting energy for the devices you use every day. Energizer® Alkaline Power offers the quality of the world-known brand to fulfill your basic energy needs. Due to their design, they are capable of even better performance, their leakage resistance has also improved further*. The Energizer® brand name means high expertise at an affordable price. They provide long-lasting energy source for your basic energy needs. Energizer® Alkaline Power’s leakage resistance is outstanding. (*compared to carbon-zinc batteries). Large flashlights, wii controller, camera, flashlight, remote, portable toys, walkie talkie, gps, toy car, large children’s toy, watch, baby monitor, pda.
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