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ENERGIZER MAX B8 AAAE92 8 pcs NEW! (12/carton)

ENERGIZER MAX B8 AAAE92 8 pcs NEW! (12/carton)
2 908 Ft
Unit price: 364 Ft/db
12 db/carton. Long-lasting power, guaranteed no-leak construction. Designed to protect your appliance from electrolyte leakage. Reliable power for your everyday appliances. Long-lasting energy, whenever you need it. Protects* your device. Holds power for up to 10 years**. World's first mercury-free alkaline battery***. (*Up to 2 years after the batteries are fully used up. ** Shelf life. *** Commercially available since 1991). Large flashlight, wii game controller, camera, flashlight, remote, portable toys, walkie talkie, gps, toy car, large children's toy, clock, baby monitor, pda.