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ENERGIZER Ultimate Lithium B4 AAA 4 pcs (12/carton)

ENERGIZER Ultimate Lithium B4 AAA 4 pcs (12/carton)
6 521 Ft
Unit price: 1 630 Ft/db
12 db/carton. Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries raise the bar on long-lasting power for today’s modern electronics. Earning the title “the world’s longest-lasting AA batteries in high-tech devices”, Ultimate Lithium helps ensure uninterrupted gaming, music, home safety systems and critical work tasks. With its ability to perform in extreme temperatures (between -40 °C and 60 °C) and last in storage for up to 20 years, Ultimate Lithium is the clear choice to dependably power the essential devices in your life. Leak-proof design. Video camera, large flashlight, wii game controller, camera, flashlight, portable toys, medical equipment, walkie-talkie, gps, toy car, large children's toy, watch, baby monitor, digital slr camera, personal organizer.