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ENERGIZER Zinc Air 10 DP-8 8 pcs (6/carton)

ENERGIZER Zinc Air 10 DP-8 8 pcs (6/carton)
3 264 Ft
Unit price: 408 Ft/db
10 pcs/carton. Get the most from your hearing device with the reliable power of Energizer Hearing Aid batteries in size 10.

Energizer long-lasting size 10 hearing aid batteries deliver up to 3.5 hours more wireless streaming than the leading competitor.

Each yellow-tab Energizer battery size 10 delivers consistent sound quality across its lifespan for a better hearing experience.

The premium perforated hearing aid batteries’ packaging is discrete and portable.

Just spin the double-sided dial to access the battery, pop it into your device with the handy long tabs and close the battery door to keep remaining batteries safely inside.