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Oral-B NL15-3 Stages Kids Toothbrush (5-7 years) (12/carton)

Oral-B NL15-3 Stages Kids Toothbrush (5-7 years) (12/carton)
1 020 Ft
Unit price: 1 020 Ft/db
At this age, the molars begin to appear, while the baby teeth are falling out. Children can already brush their teeth independently, but they still need to learn the correct technique. Sometimes they only brush one side of the teeth and do not always reach the back teeth. The Stages 3 toothbrush enables children to brush their teeth as efficiently as possible. Product features: • Gentle on children's vulnerable gums • Cleans around each tooth • It helps children reach the back teeth more easily • Fits well in small hands that are not yet experienced in brushing.
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