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ENERGIZER Pro Charger + 4 AA Power+ 2000mAh accu (4/carton)

ENERGIZER Pro Charger + 4 AA Power+ 2000mAh accu (4/carton)
13 005 Ft
Unit price: 13 005 Ft/db
4/carton. New Pro Charger, designed for simple use and charging needs. The perfect solution for all power needs. Due to the intelligent Smart technology, the Energizer®® Pro Charger displays the following:
- When the rechargeable batteries are fully charged, you can rely on it. - how the batteries are charging, so you'll always have enough power; - rechargeable batteries can be charged even longer, so you'll know when to replace them; - if non-rechargeable or old batteries are in the charger, a red X will appear; - the Energizer®® Pro-charger charges four AA or AAA rechargeable batteries between 3-6 hours. It is mains powered, and the built-in overcharge protection ensures the maximum utilization of the theoretically possible battery charge rates. The Energizer® Pro-charger is an Energy Star certified device.