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ENERGIZER Power+ B2 D 2500mAh accu 2 pcs (6/carton)

ENERGIZER Power+ B2 D 2500mAh accu 2 pcs (6/carton)
6 020 Ft
Unit price: 3 010 Ft/db
12 db/carton. The Energizer® Power Plus is a universal rechargeable battery that can be used regularly in all everyday appliances. It provides a reliable source of power, saving you money** and generating fewer used batteries*** as you need to replace batteries less often. Four AA rechargeable batteries can replace up to 2400 alkaline batteries*. Long-lasting performance that lets you take up to 225 digital photos with a single charge of AA batteries. More 100 recharge cycles. Batteries come precharged. Energizer® Rechargeable is the world's best-selling rechargeable battery (in terms of units sold). *As in case of traditional Energizer® alkaline batteries in digital cameras, measurement results may vary by device. **In case of high usage devices, compared to traditional Energizer® alkaline batteries, ***using fewer batteries results in fewer used batteries. Portable radio, flashlight, toy car, large children's toy, medical equipment.